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Michaela Johnson's Testimony - con't

My motivation was finding out I was pregnant. I wanted to be able to do better for my child then living off a Walgreens salary. After getting my GED co-workers at Walgreens were trying to get me to go for a manager, but I just couldn't. I was applying for jobs left and right. After I had my son I went into full gear finding a new job. The hours at a pharmacy were awful, working almost every single night and never seeing my family. I applied at UVA community credit union. I knew I would never get a response. They called me and two days after my second interview I was given the job. They were really impressed to know I had actually gotten my GED. Everyone I talk to about it says how awesome it was I actually did it and they wouldn't even know I didn't graduate. I've never seen my parents so excited for me before then.

  My suggestion to everyone is if you have the opportunity to get your GED® do. It was the best choice I made. The longer you put it off the harder it gets, but it's never too late to do it. Yeah it's time consuming, but it's also time consuming finding a job that will properly support you into adulthood or support a family. I was never going to move out or support my son on a Walgreens salary. Plus the way you feel after you know you've fully passed your GED® tests is awesome. I thought myself so dumb and didn't know anything, but those were the hardest tests I would ever have taken. 

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